Monday, February 28, 2011

Her best friend is You!

Buat daie ilalLah...

They came to her,
With tremendous problems and troubles,
That they face, each day, each night,
As if misery has occluded their vessels,
and depression has halt their brain.

She smiled at them peacefully,
Giving her best piece of advice exuberantly,
Giving them hope to try to carry on,
Swept their tears when they were torn,
Hold their hand when they felt alone,
Lift up their spirit when the hope is gone.

But she is also human,
Just like them.
She may have bad times of her own.
When she needs someone, there were nobody there,
She might as well felt alone,
But then she realized she needs nobody,
Because You were there, all the time regularly.

To You,
She shed her sadness, her rough times and her pain,
From You,
She gather her strength, enthusiasm and elans,
Don't ever leave her, she begged You,
For You are her only best Friend who understands
and who knew.

Hasil nukilan saudariku N.A.S.A,
Jazakillahu ahsanul khair.
Semoga cinta Allah tetap teragung dalam hati kita.